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Published: 2022-03-23

What textual copying does not count as plagiarism? Elaborate examples and problem-solving

Senior Urology Consultant, Clinical Research Associate- King Abdul-Aziz hospital, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Senior Family Medicine Consultant- Directorate of Makkah Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia
Disaster Medicine Specialist- Directorate of Makkah Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia
Plagiarism, Common Knowledge, Paraphrasing, Creative Commons, Public Domain, Saudi Arabia


Scientists are motivated to publish original and high-quality articles. The only right way to accomplish that is through a long and daunting academic career. Sometimes illegal shortcuts and tortuous methods are attempted by some people. Bolstered with elaborate examples and problem-solving, this treatise explains the legal ways of textual copying and proper referencing techniques. Moreover, it teaches how to steer away from copyright violations. In addition, it warns off all forms of literary theft and the catastrophic consequences of research misconduct.


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