Predictors of emotional exhaustion among physicians from Iraq - a descriptive cross-sectional multicentre study

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Saad Ahmed Ali Jadoo Ilker Dastan Mustafa Ali Mustafa Al-Samarrai Shukur Mahmood Yaseen Perihan Torun

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Background: Doctors and paramedics in countries suffering from long acting conflicts including Iraq are working in serious and exceptional conditions, putting them under severe physical and  psychological pressure, therefore examining burnout is important when dealing with quality of care and working conditions. The aim of this study was  to assess the point prevalence and to explore factors associated with emotional exhaustion (EE) among medical doctors in Iraq.

Methods: Descriptive and cross sectional study was conducted (January to June 2014) among a randomly selected sample of medical doctors (n=576, 87.3% response rate) working in twenty large general hospitals and medical centers. In additions to EE, the self-administered questionnaire used consisting of questions on sociodemographic, work-related characteristics, conflict-related variables and job satisfaction. EE was measured using the emotional exhaustion subscale of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI).

Results: The prevalence of EE was reported by 60.0% of the respondents. In multiple linear regression analysis the emotional burnout was higher among doctors who were married, female, bearing children, being threatened, displaced internally, non-specialist doctors, working more than 40 hours per week, experienced unsafe medical practice, disagreed with the way manger handle the staff and those who reported that the doctor-patient relationship as not excellent.

 Conclusion: Our findings suggest that job dissatisfaction, conflict and violence related factors were significantly associated with high level of emotional exhaustion among Iraqi physician.


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